Weddings Songs Series

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This is a masterclass on Wedding Songs. These compositions, which are downloadable videos, can be used for auspicious functions like weddings. The songs in this series include lali, getti melams and other auspicious songs.

Songs in this series are given below:
1. Namamyaham - Vivahapriya - Chitravina Ravikiran
2. Thirumaname - Ragamalika - Chitravina Ravikiran
3. Samamudhangal Vedangala - Navroj - Oottukkadu Venkata Kavi
4. Lakshmi Kalyana - Manirangu - Chitravina Ravikiran
5. Kolahalame - Kolahalam - Chitravina Ravikiran
6. Kalyaname Kolahalam - Punnagavarali - Chitravina Ravikiran
7. Gattimelam