Tyagaraja's 5 Gems-Pancharatnas Course

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Learn in the most authentic manner possible, at your own pace !! Sangita Kalanidhi Chitravina N Ravikiran teaches Thyagaraja’s Pancharatanams in this enlightening course. All lessons are taught with emphasis on understanding the raga contours followed by the composition with numerous tips to render the masterpieces skillfully with attention to detail.

Notations provided for all the songs.

The pancharatnas taught are:
1.Jagadanandakaraka - Nattai - Adi
2. Dudukugala - Gowla - Adi
3. Sadinchene - Arabhi - Adi
4. Kanakanaruchira -Varali - Adi
5. Endaro - Sree - Adi

The live classroom setting , which is a speciality of Acharyanet, has enhanced the learning experience of thousands of students globally.
Authentic details about the composition and raga with notations and meaning are made available in this course.

Note: We will enable your access within 1-2 hours after purchase. Please Whatsapp +91-7259240932 or email support@acharyanet.com for any queries.