Masterclass on Annamacharya Krtis by Vidwan Malladi Suribabu

Masterclass on Annamacharya Krtis by Vidwan Malladi Suribabu

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Acharyanet is happy to announce a masterclass on Annamacharya Krtis with Vidwan Malladi Suribabu scheduled for March 20th @8:30 pm IST on Zoom. The duration of the session will be around 90 minutes. 

This is a great opportunity for students at Krti level looking to extend their repertoire of songs on Annamacharya. 

  • Upon registration, notations and audio renditions of songs to be taught will be shared with the students to familiarize themselves with the songs before the session.
  • Please note the songs will be taught from this list. Depending on time and students ability to learn, not all songs may be covered.
  • Nirantarambunu - Hamsanandi - Adi
  • Samukha - Khamach - Adi
  • Antayunatani - Vasanta - Adi
  • Chandamama - Behag - Roopakam

Please note:

  • Singapore and Malaysia students may be eligible for a discount. Please contact us for promo code at Whatsapp +1-925-319-7898 
  • Recordings will be provided to all participants, even those who cannot attend the Live.
  • Acharyanet Yearly Subscription members can avail of a 20% discount. For promo codes Whatsapp +1-925-319-7898